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The store will offer latest styles and colors to the customers to take a well informed decision. This store will be a one-stop solution for consumers and will provide exclusivity and uniqueness in terms of range, ambience and visual display.

The ambience will be vibrant as well as classy targeting contemporary upwardly mobile consumer segment.

Store Location
  • High Street (huge floating population shopping area)
  • Mall
  • Larger Residential Areas
Display Inners
  • Shelves & Hanging Option
  • Gondolas
  • Mannequins
  • The Product Display in the store will be around - 3000 to 3500 pieces
Design Support
  • Concept of the Store.
  • Complete 3 D Design of the store.
  • Drawing and Architectural Support
Store Making
  • Complete Making of the store
  • In case the Franchisee plans to make himself
    • Complete Material Details
    • Layout details
    • Supervision by the concept designer (a minimal sum will be charged)
Promotion Support
  • Promotion of the Store – Inners
  • Location based store specific consumer centric promotion
  • National Investments in all the brands sold inside Inners.
  • Periodic change in inside branding (twice a year)
  • Carry Bags on Cost Sharing Basis
  • Consumer offer on Cost Sharing basis
Software Support
  • Centralized Software to update any change. The changes will be updated from head office only
  • Nominal Fees for implementation of store level software.
  • Installation of Software at the store
  • Training of Franchisee Person